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The paradise of the Pacific



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Visit Pedasi

A little piece of Eden where you can enjoy an incredible vacation with your friends, as a couple, as a family or alone.

Pedasi Nature

Nature in its purest form

Enjoy Panamanian nature in all its splendor in Pedasí. With exceptional flora and fauna that will delight the most adventurous explorers. Iguana Island and its marine environment and Coral reef, Cañas Island and its mangrove, Venao and its impressive beach, are just some of the places you can visit. Crocodiles, whales, turtles, dolphins, snakes, monkeys? And much more!

Pedasi Beaches

The Pedasi coast awaits you

Its waters are perfect for surfing, discovering its spectacular coral reefs or enjoying an incredible day of fishing. A unique place where you can see animals such as humpback whales or sea turtles that choose these calm waters for their mating and birth ritual.


Azuero, cradle of folklore and traditions

The Azuero peninsula is considered the soul of Panamanian culture. Learn about the oldest folklore traditions of this land such as its Carnivals and its colorful crafts such as devil masks or impressive skirt suits.

Pedasi Beaches

Paradisiacal and infinite beaches

Relax and enjoy a relaxing swim on one of Pedasi's many incredible beaches. The famous Playa El Cirial on Isla Iguana, Playa El Arenal, Playa Destiladeros, Playa Venao or La Playita Resort are just some of the sandy beaches of this paradise.


The colonial charm of Pedasi

In Pedasi you will discover a true reflection of its rich history with the atmosphere of a cultivated coastal town. Pedasi still preserves its typical colonial houses with high roofs and cool porches supported by wooden columns and painted in bright colors where its inhabitants find the time to chat for a long time with family and friends. Life moves slowly here, a perfect place to rest and relax.

Pedasi Nature Paradise

C/ Las Palmas, Panamá

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